Find freelancers with the right skills now

You're looking for a freelancer to do some work for you. Whether it's designing a logo for your website, translating a scientific document from Japanese to English, or developing an entire website, you want to find someone who has the right skills for the job.

The problem is, how do you find that person who combines the skills that you need and is available when you need them?

Sevendays helps you find that freelancer. When you post a gig on Sevendays, we ask you to specify up to three skills the freelancer needs to have. We then propose five freelancers, selected based on their skills. Hopefully at least the best match will have all the skills you're looking for and more. Otherwise we'll try to find freelancers with two out of the three, or someone with similar skills who might be a good fit.

We also pre-select freelancers who are currently available and are ready to work at the rate you proposed (you can also ask for the freelancers to propose their own rates).

Here are some examples of combinations of skills:

Copywriting Articles SEO

PHP MySQL German

Photoshop HTML CSS

Python Django Spanish

French to English Translation Public Relations

When you're posting your first gig, choose the right combination of skills and find the ideal freelancer. Then the fun can begin.