What constitutes a job on Sevendays?

Startups post jobs on Sevendays when they are looking for either their next employee, a freelancer to work with them on a specific project, an intern or even a co-founder. We help you find the right person, the rest is entirely up to you.

Can I hire someone on Sevendays full-time or is it just for freelance work?

You can definitely hire the people you find on Sevendays. About half of our users are willing to work as employees (provided that they are interested in the startup). What we find is that startups like to do a test period (usually a few weeks) before hiring someone, and usually this means taking them on as freelancers first.

Stripe doesn't support payments to my country yet. Can I still use Sevendays?

Yes! Sevendays focuses on matching quality startups with great talent. We offer a payment solution based on Stripe, but it's entirely optional. It's up to you and your client how and when payments should take place.

How many skills should I list on my profile?

There's no best answer to this one, it's up to you. List the skills you actually know, including those that you want to get better at. Don't list a skill if you don't want to do any related work. Usually between 10-15 skills is about right.

I'd like to use Sevendays, but I'm not available now.

No problem. You can sign up and set yourself as Busy in your settings. That way clients won't be able to find you by doing a search.

I made a mistake in my name when I signed up. How can I change it?

Just go to your settings page and modify your profile settings.

If there are no website fees, how do you make money?

We make money with an optional subscription feature for job seekers called Fastlane, that guarantees at least 10 highly relevant job invitations every month.