With Fastlane, you're sure to get plenty of jobs.

What is Fastlane?

If you subscribe to Fastlane, we guarantee that you'll be invited to 10 highly relevant jobs every month . If we aren't able to deliver, we won't charge you anything.

How much does Fastlane cost?


If I'm invited to 10 jobs a month, doesn't that leave fewer jobs for the others?

No. The fact that some users choose to use Fastlane on Sevendays does not mean that other users will be offered fewer jobs. When an employer posts a job on Sevendays, we contact only a limited number of relevant job seekers. Fastlane users are added to that list (rather than exchanged for other users) until we get enough relevant job offers for them every month.

Do I have to pay up front?

No. If you'd like to use Fastlane , please click the button below. We'll ask you for your credit card information but we won't charge it unless we get you enough relevant job offers in the coming month. Note that payments are handled by our payments partner, Stripe. Your credit card information will not be saved on our servers.

If you have any questions about Fastlane or Sevendays, please contact us.