No bidding wars

We started Sevendays because as freelancers we were disappointed with the way other freelancer marketplaces worked.

In particular, one toxic feature of many successful freelancer marketplaces is bidding wars.

This happens when clients post gigs publically on a forum. Freelancers from all over the world are then asked to bid on the work, which leads to a reverse auction. The lowest bidder usually wins the gig.

It's obvious that this system is bad for the freelancers as it squeezes the prices down until only those willing to work for peanuts are left in the game. Superficially you could think that it's good for the clients - they can get work done at a fraction of the normal cost.

If you dig a bit deeper though, you'll find that this setup is also bad for clients. As many talented freelancers leave the marketplace the quality of the community decreases, and over time the number of bad experiences skyrockets.

At Sevendays we think there's a better way, and we're determined to make it happen. People don't bid on work in the physical world, so we don't see why this should be the case in the virtual world.

Gigs on Sevendays are private and invitation-only. This might seem like a small difference but it has a major impact on the marketplace. Clients invite the freelancers they want to work with, and they can select the rate they're willing to pay. This leaves the door open for both beginner freelancers with low rates, while senior people can set the bar higher and attract less price-sensitive clients who are willing to pay for the added experience or relevance without getting undercut by the competition.