Tailored gigs

When you sign up on Sevendays one important step is to fill in your settings.

It's quick and easy and gives us the key information we need to find the best gigs for you.

We ask you about:

  • Your availability - specifically, how many hours a week you'd be ready to work on freelance gigs.

  • Your minimum rate. This is the hourly rate under which you wouldn't feel happy to work. Putting a low rate doesn't mean you'll be invited to gigs that don't pay well - it just means you'll be considered for these gigs as well as for higher paying ones.

  • Whether you'd be interested in a full time job. By this we mean a real full-time job as an employee at a company. We believe that freelancing and employee work are two sides of the same coin. Many people start freelancing because they can't find the right job. Others are only interested in freelancing and wouldn't ever considering such a change.

  • Whether you'd be interested in a contests. Contests are controversial because they enable a single client to make several freelancers work for a single prize. That said, they can enable freelancers to get their ratings started and can pave the way for regular, one-on-one gigs in the future.

  • Whether you'd be interested in Pro Bono gigs. It's great to see that many talented freelancers are interested in working for the common good through the quality nonprofits that we introduce them to.

With this information we are better able to find the perfect gigs for you. Just as significantly, we don't bother you with gigs that aren't relevant. We hate recruiter spam, and we don't want to contribute to it.