Three skills

To find the right talent on Sevendays - just type in between one and three skills.

In our experience, clients are almost always looking for a combination of skills for a given job. If you're looking for a developer, you might want to go for PHP + MySQL. If you want the programmer to use the Laravel framework you might prefer PHP + MySQL + Laravel. Or perhaps you'd like to find a Node.js with some AngularJS chops.

Maybe you'd rather have a WordPress or Joomla site created by some who speaks your language, whether it's French, German or Spanish.

Or maybe you don't care which technologies are used, as long as what you get is a responsive website. In that case you might want to go with Web Development + Responsive Design.

As you pick the skills you need, we try to guide you. The buttons below the search field are intended as tips if you don't know which skills to choose. The first buttons you see are broad categories. If you click on one of them, say on Mobile App Development, several new buttons will appear. Depending on your needs, you might pick iOS or Android for example.

If the skills you're looking for aren't listed in the buttons, you can be creative and enter your own skills, like PowerPoint, Data Entry, Web Development, Magento, Animation or even Legal Advice.

When you think about it just about any gig can be described in three skills or less. Here's a sample:

Front-End Web Development + jQuery

Copywriting + Articles

Data Analysis + R

Print Design + Brochures

Community Management + Sales

Python + DevOps + EC2

Ruby on Rails + Facebook API

If you don't know which skills are applicable to your needs, you can just explain us what you want and we'll find the right talent for you.

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